How to Travel Cheap – Tips and Tricks

How to Travel Cheap - Tips and Tricks

Travelling around the globe seems like a fantasy to all of us. Occasionally, wanderlust does get embedded in our hearts and we set out to venture into lands unknown – only to be discouraged by (what can only be described as massive) the estimated expenditure. Although costly, travel is one of the only ways of satisfying one’s soul and connecting with ourselves. Also, as many people don’t realize, there are a few tricks to end up saving a lot while traveling. These are:-

1.)  Book your flights months in advance

While this may seem a little adventurous, it is very evident that flights are cheaper the earlier you book them. It seems like quite a predicament to dedicate yourself so much to planning a holiday in advance, but you end up with a lot of cash saved. Also, you’ll have something to look forward to. The best times for booking flights are generally around November when site traffic is low. Check out Skyscanner, Expedia as they have great deals at times.

2.) Try to cook for yourself

Although requiring a bit more effort, learning to cook can be a very helpful skill. Food prices vary greatly across countries, and they may end up with you having a hole in your pocket. This also ends up being a great skill to have in general, as there is no quicker way for a budget to evaporate than spending it on extravagant food.

3.) Be aware of conversion fees

Some credit cards offer multiple rewards in exchange for transactions abroad. These benefits act as incentives for bigger spending sprees and the conversion of foreign currency to local currency pays a commission to the merchant. Thus you will be charged a small amount, which amounts to around 1.5% – 2.5% on most cards. Be wary of spending too much on your card when abroad.

4.) Get insurance ASAP

While under appreciated, insurance of all forms end up being extremely valuable once you step foot outside your native country. Travel insurance only suffices for short-term travelers, but long-term travelers may even opt for car insurance or the sorts in the country they are visiting. You should check if your country has insurance firms which offer all which you seek, including but not limited to travel, car and home insurances. Many companies have started to offer these services, with the stand out one for native Singaporeans being

5.) Avoid tourist traps

Many countries are very dependent on tourism, and this becomes pretty evident when you step out. Many items are sold at
different prices for tourists than for locals, and many places are designed specifically to suck in visitors. Try to experience a new country as a local would – go to the places a local would visit. These locations are usually fairly prices and do not really discriminate between natives and foreigners. Experiencing a slice of life like the locals only adds up to the fun!

6.) Barter with travelers

It may not seem to be of much help, but bartering with fellow visitors may end up being one of the most helpful things you could do. Who knows what people must be in need of, and what they’ll provide in exchange for it. Additionally, don’t discard anything, as seemingly useless things may carry a value that is not known.

7.) Prepare for culture shocks

Countries like Singapore are phenomenally different from the United States. Travelling from one to another may cause you to spend on things which are normally acceptable purchases in your country, but weird in theirs. Talking about the aforementioned, Tap water is completely safe to drink in Singapore, as opposed to buying expensive bottled water. Also, public transport is extremely cost-effective compared to booking taxis.

8.) Do your research

Still speaking about Singapore, there are specific places of interest where you’ll end up saving tons. Most countries, especially eastern, have outlets or localities where you get stuff for cheap. For example, Chinatown and little India are extremely cheap eats in Singapore. Also, alcohol is crazy expensive, and so is chocolate. As mentioned, do your research before heading out into any country, lest you want to look like an idiot who runs out of money stupidly fast. Or you can simply join Singapore’s Pub Crawl.

9.) Plan where to go

Going where you feel like may seem more freeing, but only up until the point that you realize you don’t have any money left. Plan a designated itinerary, and stick to it. Wandering around just leads to increased expenditure, and they end up broke before they leave. Look for places which don’t cause big bucks, as these locations usually help you interact with the locals more, and also save you from a lot of increased costs.

10.) Talk to the Locals

Google does help you out, but only to an extent. The best way to find out about costs, places of interest and entertainment centers is to talk to the locals, who end up being the best guides. Believe it or not, you may end up forging some memories with them

11.) Look for free stuff

The best things in life are free, and this is especially true when traveling. Many entertainment centers are free to the public and by extension, to you. Coming back to Singapore, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, there are free concerts at the Esplanade outdoor theatre, which is on the harbor. There are also many free to visit Nature Reserves and Botanical Gardens. These places are perhaps the best to experience a destination as the locals do, as even they come to these places frequently to enjoy. Check out fun and free things to do in Singapore.

If you want to travel just for the fun of it, you should also look at the country’s pricing compared to your own’s. While
countries like Singapore have many hacks to aid you in spending less, they are pretty costly to go to. Also, insurance is something you should never skip out on, as you never know when things will turn upside down. In conclusion, travel may seem expensive at first glance, but plan carefully and spend only when necessary, and not only will you end up spending far less than you expected,
but you will also have a fun time doing it.

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